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Recent years have seen rising popularity of public square dancing among elder people in China,since it has provided them with a good platform to relax them and make new friends in their personal lives.However,others,young people in particular,have held complicated views towards it,which they argue have disturbed their normal lives.Therefore,how do you react to the topic?As for senior residents,the public square dancing is relatively easy to learn and thus wins their favor.Moreover,the celebrations of public square dancing doesn’e799bee5baa6e997aee7ad94e4b893e5b19e31333337383862t need special place,and all it need is an open ground and loudspeakers.As a result,it can be found across the country,regardless of city or village.In the meantime,a majority of young people have generally showed their discontent to the celebrations of public square dancing,which take place in their neighboring places and disturb their quiet life.In fact,it is the accompanying loud noisy along with public square dancing that draws the hatred from young people.Therefore,a mutual concession should be made by both sides on the ground that they live peace with each other.Public square dancers are expected to dance in a far distance away from residential communities and not disturb other’s lives with following noisy,while the young are called for to show tolerance to the spread of public square dancing because they will also become old one day or their moms may be one of dancers in the group which they dislike.In addition,the government should build suitable public spaces under their jurisdiction where the elder will hold their favorable activities,including public square dancingwww.anxorj.tw防采集請勿采集本網。


do 只有如下才用to doing: be used to doing,習慣react to,作出反應 access to 接近,進入(某地的)方法;通路 according to 按照,依照,視…而定 be addicted to 沉溺于…,對…上癮 look forward to

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How do acids react on metals?酸對金屬會起怎樣的化學反應?An acid can react with a base to form a salt.酸和堿反應會產生鹽。6.【軍】反攻,反擊 react【vt】的主要用法 使起(化學)反應;使發生相互作用


其實大家總說靠死記硬背XX to doing的詞組去記這個東西,但我們都知道這個方式不靠譜。第一,一旦英語被這么大個東西拖累,英語學習將變得不確定、不可控、不輕松;第二、用的時候硬套,會很影響


By overcoming them 很高興為你解答!老師祝你學習進步!望采納,多謝你的問題!








7、雙擊可以編輯(有個坑:雙擊編輯內input的keyUp Enter保存會連帶觸發blur失去焦點保存。已解決:通過設置一個可以保存的狀態控制)






// Todo.jsx內 //1 傳遞給子組件的回調函數,只要有心得內容傳遞過來,就更新當前的:list。list只要更新,通過props傳遞給TodoList的data就會更新,DOM就會新增一個選項列表 onAddSubmit(addTitle) { console.log("增加了:" + addTitle) let addItem = { title: addTitle, isFinished: false } this.state.list.unshift(addItem) this.setState({ list: this.state.list }) this._saveToSession() }// 通過props傳遞給子組件(等待使用)<TodoAdd onAddSubmit={this.onAddSubmit} />// TodoAdd.jsx// 2、點擊enter鍵:有值就確認增加 _onKeyUpEnter(e) { if (e.keyCode == 13) { this.confirmAddItem() } } // 3、失去焦點:有值就確認增加 _onBlurEnter(e) { this.confirmAddItem() } // 4、確認增加,調用父組件的回調函數,傳遞參數 confirmAddItem() { if (this.state.title) { this.props.onAddSubmit(this.state.title) //把新增的內容通過props傳進來的回調函數告訴父組件Todo,有新的內容來了 // 置空當前 this.setState({ title: "" }) } }


// Todo.js 父模塊import TodoAdd from "./TodoAdd"import TodoList from "./TodoList"class Todo { constructor() { this.list = [] this.TodoAdd = new TodoAdd({ // 父模塊給子模塊的回調 resetList: (content) => { if (content) { this._updateList(content) } } }) this.TodoList = new TodoList({ list: this.list, }) } _updateList(content) { this.list.push(content) // 調用子模塊的方法更新內部列表 this.TodoList && this.TodoList._getNewList(this.list) }}module.exports = Todo// TodoAdd.js 新增子模塊class TodoAdd { constructor({ resetList, }) { this.resetList = resetList } _onSubmit(str) { if (str) { // 1、告訴父模塊新增了 this.resetList(str) } }}module.exports = TodoAdd// TodoList.js 列表子模塊class TodoList { constructor({ list, }) { this.list = [] this._getNewList(list) } // 3、監聽父模塊是否要更新 _getNewList(newList) { this.list = newList // 其他操作 }}module.exports = TodoList

以上所述是小編給大家介紹的React中的todo-list ,希望對大家有所幫助,如果大家有任何疑問歡迎給我留言,小編會及時回復大家的!

receives a token when the Western curate posts up to town to be initiated into a benefice—and that is all內容來自www.anxorj.tw請勿采集。

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